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Her name is Brittany (brit-taa-knee). She’s been in this planet since June 2nd for eighteen years now. So, yes, she's a Gemini. Spandian = Indian + Spanish ♥ Don't try to go smack cause she's happily taken by this amazing boy ♥ since 02.23.11. But her heart is also taken by six beautiful cats. She wishes she could travel to London, Paris, New York, Germany, and Brazil; but she is stuck in Maryland. :( She doesn’t like drama and would love if you got to know her
likes & dislikes
LIKES:diamonds pretty things cats lambos betsey johnson short shorts heels boys make-up jewelery clothes: guess coach juicy couture armani hollister a&f express shoes dressing up texting 3D nails food glitter everything sparkly
DISLIKES: bugs attention whores selfish niggas thirsty hoes drama cheaters liars thieves demons unorginal bitches trashy whores ya'know.
very important people
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